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As a unified team, we stand as a family-owned company of lifelong investors, each bringing distinctive expertise to reshape the real estate landscape. Boasting over two decades of collective experience as accomplished investors, our shared objective is to craft and elevate spaces into breathtaking, high-value investments. Our collaborative synergy combines extensive experience, a genuine passion for creating inspiring spaces, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Together, we form a trusted partnership in the dynamic realms of real estate investment and property management. Our pledge is to provide unmatched service, harnessing our diverse skill set to guarantee the success of each venture we embark upon.

Jennifer L. Bryer
Owner | Real Estate Broker 

I'm Jennifer Bryer, a seasoned professional with over two decades of expertise in the real estate industry. As an accomplished Investor, Owner, and Real Estate Broker, I take pride in my remarkable track record.

Over the years, I've personally built a diverse portfolio, comprising more than 350 residential apartments, multiple commercial properties, numerous successful fix-and-flip projects, and the acquisition of over 1,000 self-storage units. Throughout this journey, my passion for crafting beautiful spaces has remained a driving force having remodeled thousands of units.


My proficiency extends beyond property ownership. I possess extensive knowledge in rental property management, acquisitions, accounting, design financial reporting, property proformas, marketing, and employee management. This meticulous attention to detail and strategic approach to business operations reflect my commitment to delivering exceptional results.


With my extensive experience and

comprehensive skill set, I am wholly dedicated to providing unparalleled service to my clients. My unwavering professionalism, coupled with my passion for creating stunning spaces, positions me as an invaluable asset in any rental property investment and property management endeavor.

Shane Bryer

Owner | Operations Manager

With over 24 years of experience, I'm an accomplished professional in the building and construction field. However, I'm not just dedicated to my profession; I'm also a property investor myself. My experience as an investor has provided me with a unique perspective on the real estate market and how to maximize a property's value, which enables me to understand the needs and expectations of both property owners and investors.

My genuine passion lies in creating spaces, and I've successfully managed numerous complete renovation and rehab projects throughout my career. A particular strength of mine is conducting capital needs assessments, where I thoroughly evaluate properties to identify potential maintenance issues and develop effective preventative maintenance plans to ensure long-term durability and cost efficiency.


In addition to my extensive knowledge in the construction industry, I excel in managing maintenance and construction teams. My hands-on approach and meticulous attention to detail have consistently led to successful project completions within budget and on schedule.

Garrett Bryer

Real Estate Sales Professional |
Property Management Associate

My professional journey started at the grassroots level within our family-owned investment property company, where I dedicated 7 years to the industry. Starting alongside the landscape team, I progressively advanced my skills, working closely with maintenance and construction crews. This hands-on experience equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of multi-unit building operations and the capability to effectively address tenant maintenance requests.

Following this foundational phase, I transitioned into the role of Assistant Property Manager, achieving success over three years. To augment my expertise and qualifications in the industry, I recently acquired my Florida real estate license. This strategic move is aimed at not only enhancing my skills but also improving my capacity to better serve our customers.

Throughout my tenure as Assistant Property Manager, I have excelled in managing relationships with over 1,300 tenants. My proficiency extends to skillfully resolving customer service issues, promptly addressing maintenance requests, and actively engaging with tenants. Daily responsibilities include creating Matterport 3D tours and capturing drone property images. This diversified skill set underscores my commitment to delivering exceptional service in the real estate and property management domain.

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